• Options for Cabinetry Finish and Hardware in Your New Kitchen

    A major element in a kitchen design is the cabinetry. It creates the layout, which will affect the room's functionality. Would you prefer a galley kitchen or a U-shaped configuration, for example? The layout determines the amount of storage, counter space and open floor area you'll enjoy in your new kitchen. The colour and cupboard door style are important for their aesthetic appeal. You'll have to pick a hue or pattern to harmonise with the overall room palette and a style to match your home.
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  • Ideas for Accessorising Your Bathroom with Mirrors

    If you're remodelling the bathroom, you need to consider the layout and where to put the shower and vanity. But you also need to pay attention to bathroom accessories, such as the mirror. These items are not only essential for grooming, but they enhance the room in other ways. For example, they can make the bathroom appear more spacious and add a decorative touch. But what kind of mirror should you choose?
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