Options for Cabinetry Finish and Hardware in Your New Kitchen

Posted on: 27 May 2022

A major element in a kitchen design is the cabinetry. It creates the layout, which will affect the room's functionality. Would you prefer a galley kitchen or a U-shaped configuration, for example? The layout determines the amount of storage, counter space and open floor area you'll enjoy in your new kitchen.

The colour and cupboard door style are important for their aesthetic appeal. You'll have to pick a hue or pattern to harmonise with the overall room palette and a style to match your home. You could fit flat doors for modern decor or doors with recessed panels for a traditional effect.

The cabinetry finish and hardware are two other aspects to consider in a custom kitchen. Here's an outline of the choices in these areas.


Common choices in terms of cupboard door finishes include 2Pac, vinyl wrap and laminate doors. Each of these varies in price and appearance. Generally, 2Pac doors are more expensive. However, the cost of cabinets depends on their specific quality.

2Pac doors are made from MDF and spray-painted with acrylic paint and a hardener mixture. This blend melds with the door for a thick, smooth finish. You'll have plenty of colour options, just as with wall paint.

Alternatively, you could opt for vinyl-wrapped doors that are heat-treated so that the vinyl encases the MDF core seamlessly. The vinyl comes in different colours and patterns, including faux timber looks. Another option is laminate doors that are covered with strips of laminate. These doors also come in various designs, including faux granite and wood. With some varieties, you'll see a join along the door edges where the laminate pieces meet.

Cupboard Hardware

As well as the door finish, you'll need to think about the hardware. The hinges and drawer runners are purely functional. Quality hinges will ensure that the doors hang squarely and open smoothly for many years. You could opt for soft-close doors with hinges that never slam the cupboard.

Hi-grade drawer runners will prevent the drawers from sticking and sagging. Runners are designated to carry a specific weight, so bear this in mind. If you intend a deep drawer to store heavy baking dishes and cookware, you'll need the appropriate capacity runners.

The most visible hardware is the door handles. You could install large rectangle handles in a modern kitchen for a clean and industrial look. Or opt for handless cabinetry to highlight the door's colour and finish. A traditional kitchen will call for more ornate handles with decorative details. Or else, fit simple wooden knobs into country-style custom kitchens. 


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