Ideas for Accessorising Your Bathroom with Mirrors

Posted on: 11 January 2022

If you're remodelling the bathroom, you need to consider the layout and where to put the shower and vanity. But you also need to pay attention to bathroom accessories, such as the mirror. These items are not only essential for grooming, but they enhance the room in other ways. For example, they can make the bathroom appear more spacious and add a decorative touch. But what kind of mirror should you choose? Here are some ideas to provide inspiration.

Back-lit Mirrors

Mirrors don't only have to function as mirrors. They can also become part of your lighting plan. One way to gently illuminate the bathroom is to install backlit mirrors. If you have a double vanity, you could fit a wide rectangular mirror to extend over both basins. Or else, install two oval mirrors side by side. The backlighting will give the room a soft glow and emphasise the mirror's shape with a luminous outline. If you want to create a calming ambience to unwind, you could light the bathroom with these mirrors and a wall sconce only, leaving the ceiling lights switched off. You'll need an electrician to connect the mirror to the circuitry.

Front-lit Mirrors

If you want a mirror with clear visibility for grooming, you could fit a front-lit mirror instead. Some styles have a continuous LED strip around the mirror border for a sleek look. Otherwise, you could hang a Hollywood makeup mirror on the wall with a series of globes lining the top and sides. The globes will give the mirror a classic look. If you install a mirror with a demister, it will have a heated pad on the back to prevent it from becoming foggy. Rather than connecting a mirror to the wall, you could use a Hollywood mirror that you can stand on top of the vanity countertop.

Frame Options

If you don't want a lit mirror, you have plenty of other options. Because mirrors are so noticeable in a room, you can install an interesting shape and frame material to decorate the bathroom. For example, what about an arched mirror with a stainless steel frame that resists rust? You could opt for a narrow arch, like a doorway shape, or a wide arc, like a broad window. A mirror shape is a good way to repeat a theme in the decor. For example, if you have frosted shower screens with a geometric circle design, you could echo that shape with a round mirror. In a traditional space with a contoured vanity, you could install an ornately-shaped mirror.

If you want a portable mirror that you can move to different spots in the bathroom, you could purchase a suction-mounted makeup mirror. These are convenient as if you're sharing the bathroom with someone else, you can attach them to the wall anywhere you prefer. You don't even need countertop space.

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