Reasons to Install Luxury Vinyl Planks in Your Bathroom

Posted on: 22 June 2021

A bathroom is full of hard surfaces that can withstand exposure to splashing water. Consider the walls, tiling, vanity top, and shower screens. With all these cold elements, adding a sense of warmth to the room is a must, and you can do this by using timber. However, across the floor, solid wood can warp and suffer from moisture damage. To avoid these issues, why not install luxury vinyl planks during your bathroom renovations? Consider the following benefits they offer.


Luxury vinyl planks consist of three layers: a backing layer, a vinyl core, and a wear layer. The vinyl core is imprinted with a photograph of timber, which explains the planks' natural and genuine look, whether it's an image of exclusive wood or a more common species. This allows you to spread gorgeous faux wood designs around your bathroom using economic vinyl planks. They come in various colours and shades, from pale blondes to dark honey tones, which opens up your design choices. Thus, your bathroom will have a warm and textured feel via the flooring.


Luxury vinyl planks form durable flooring that is water-resistant, so the planks won't be ruined in such a moist environment. In addition, the wear layer varies in depth — thicker layers create more resilient planks. Thus, you can select different quality levels. With this flooring, you'll get to enjoy the warm ambience of timber without having to worry about the floorboards swelling or shrinking like natural wood.


Vinyl planks are available with different finishes, including non-slip options. So your bathroom floor will remain as safe as possible, even if water splashes or drips around the room. Of course, wipe up puddles promptly to avoid any mishaps.

Easy to Install

Vinyl planks are easier to install than many other materials, as the sections conveniently lock together. In addition, being lightweight, vinyl is straightforward to transport and work with, whereas heavy and bulky tiles and solid wood can add to construction costs.

Laying Options

You'll also have the chance to lay the planks in an optimum way for your bathroom. Typically, it's best to run them parallel to a long wall, which will evoke spaciousness. Alternatively, you'll often get a pleasing result in a square room by laying the boards towards a light source like a window. The incoming light will flow along the vertical lines created by the floorboards, giving an open feeling. If the same planks are used in adjacent rooms, you should arrange them in a consistent direction to avoid a messy look, if possible.


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