Reasons to Install Custom Cabinetry Around Your Home

Posted on: 14 April 2021

If you want to personalise your home decor and make it stand out, why not build custom cabinetry around the different rooms? You might think of cupboards only in terms of the kitchen, but storage is essential in other rooms also — in bedrooms,  living areas and hallways. Consider the following reasons to update your home with some gorgeous custom storage.

Create a Minimalist Aesthetic

If you build enough storage in the various rooms, it will help you to create a minimalist vibe in all areas. You can try to be too minimal and cut out storage, but this can have the reverse effect once you have stuff with nowhere to put it. Ample storage will help you to keep everything neat and ordered and behind cabinet doors.

Custom Shape to Your Home

Creating unique storage and cupboards to fit your home will make the most of its particular layout. For example, you could construct a cosy window seat that cleverly contains storage underneath. What about closets under a staircase? Other areas to consider are hallways, where you could fit shallow closets that don't protrude too much. Alternatively, personalise the cupboards in a home office. You can pick handy spots to add extra storage unobtrusively and shape it to fit the available area.

Hide Technology

To design a sleek kitchen, appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are often hidden behind flush cabinet doors. You can extend this idea to your living areas. For example, conceal your entertainment systems, TV and associated gadgets behind smooth panelling that may not even look like cupboards. When you want to watch TV, open or slide the doors to the side.

Integrate with the Building

By hiring a joiner to custom build your cabinetry, you can integrate the storage to become part of the building. If you purchase various pre-made cupboards and storage boxes, they won't belong in the same way.

Custom storage allows you to build bedroom wardrobes that fit flush against the walls and ceiling without gaps. You could paint the closets in the same hue as the wall or the window trim, so they become almost as unnoticeable as a wall. Similarly, with hall cupboards, you can paint them to blend with the wall so that they become part of the building structure rather than looking like an add on.

Consistent Home Treatment

Installing custom designer joinery will create a consistent look and give a polished feel to your home. The wardrobes in the bedroom will match the kitchen cabinets, displaying similar contours or styling on the doors. Likewise, the cabinets in other areas like the home office and hallway will match to create a polished overall design.

Reach out to a joinery professional to get started. 


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