Top 4 Reasons to Renovate Your House Exterior with Vinyl Cladding

Posted on: 10 September 2019

Do you think it is time to give your house exteriors a facelift? A cladding renovation is an option that you should definitely consider. Aside from improving the beauty of your house, a cladding remodel will also help to protect the exterior of the building from harsh weather and other outdoor elements.

Before you can get started with the remodel, you will need to choose which type of cladding system is best for your home. There is a variety of cladding options available on the market. The most popular ones are timber, metal, render, and vinyl. Each option has a unique set of pros and cons which should be carefully looked at before making a final decision. 

If you're contemplating installing vinyl cladding, you might be looking to know why it is a preferred choice for many homeowners across Australia.

Low-Cost Option

One of the top reasons homeowners love renovating their houses with vinyl cladding is because it is a relatively cheaper option compared to other types of cladding available out there. As one of the cheapest cladding options you can find on the market today, vinyl cladding makes for the perfect choice for homeowners on a tight renovation budget.

Designed and Made to Last

Acting as a finish for the exterior surfaces of your house, cladding material is exposed to harsh weather and other outdoor elements. This is why it is important to choose a durable and long-lasting material for your residential cladding.

Vinyl cladding products are designed and fabricated to withstand high temperatures, frigid winter temperatures, hailstorms, windstorms, and other extreme climates. Plus, vinyl is unaffected by exposure to wet environments, hence it doesn't warp, rust or corrode. Also, it keeps pests at bay, thus preventing pest problems in your home.

Fire Resistance

The chemical makeup of vinyl cladding ensures that the products do not catch fire easily. This quality makes vinyl cladding an excellent option for houses located in areas prone to bushfires. 

Available in a Variety of Decorative Styles and Colours 

If you are like most modern homeowners, you know that the outdoor appearance of your house matters a great deal. Aside from impacting the kerb appeal of your entire property, it also affects the value of your home. Vinyl cladding comes in a range of aesthetic colours and styles so you can easily find something that can increase the beauty and value of your entire property.

If you are convinced that vinyl cladding is the best option for your home, ask for a written, no-obligation quote from your remodeller so you can know how much they will charge for the remodel.

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