3 Key Ideas To Consider When Creating A Custom Design For Your Large Kitchen

Posted on: 22 June 2017

Remodelling your kitchen is an exciting and rewarding home improvement project. Kitchens are the hub of the home and they need to work in a functional sense as well as looking great. If you have a very large kitchen, then you may not think that coming up with a custom kitchen design will be as difficult as it is for a very compact kitchen. However, clever design is just as important with large kitchens to prevent the space from feeling cavernous and uninviting. Here are three key ideas to consider when planning your large kitchen remodelling project.

1. Think big

Using regularly sized fittings that are normally used in a medium or small kitchen space can leave them looking dwarfed and unsubstantial in a larger kitchen. Instead, opt for oversized fittings that will make the most of the large space and fill it appropriately.

An oversized island bench is a perfect choice in a large kitchen. It will provide a central feature that suits the dimensions of the room and will also provide ample room for a work surface and space for a casual dining surface. Large kitchens also allow you to choose extra deep drawers and cabinets to increase storage space.

2. Ditch the overhead cupboards

Overhead cupboards are very useful in smaller kitchens because they increase the amount of storage when space is limited. They can also create a cramped and cluttered feel to the room and rob the space of natural light.

In a large kitchen, you don't have these space issues so you can create more than enough storage beneath your work surfaces. This leaves your walls free to add extra windows, artwork, or simply nice clean lines of clutter free space. You can even include a large, walk-in pantry without worrying about taking up precious space.

3. Embrace colour

Many small kitchens use a neutral palette and whites or off-whites to create a lighter and airier feel for the small space. In a large kitchen, this isn't an important concern and you can freely indulge your love of colour in the design.

Colour can even help to make the large space feel cosier and less vast. Bright hues can add warmth and vibrancy that might feel cold with a less colourful look. Large kitchens are also great if you love the look of deep greys, blues and greens on the walls but haven't used them in case they made a smaller room feel closed in or too dark.

When coming up with a design for a large kitchen remodeling project, it's best to enlist the help of professionals. Contact your local custom kitchen designers to ensure that your new kitchen is beautiful and makes the best use of the space you have available.


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