Understanding Different Types of Cabinet Woods

Posted on: 23 February 2017

At a time when synthetic materials are ruling the world of custom cabinets, it is still cool and acceptable to use wood as your preferred material for building your home cabinets. But before you use wood as your chosen construction material, you need to get a proper understanding of the various wood types that are available on the market today. The reason is that different wood types will give your finished product different types and degrees of aesthetic appeal and décor.

Moreover, different woods will allow you to enjoy a variety of color finishes as well as different levels of strength and durability. Price, the ability to accept stain, the ease of adapting to various styles, and the ease of working with the material are some of the other features that will determine your final choice of a particular type of natural wood. With the above facts in mind, you can proceed and learn more about some of these popular wood types and the features they have.


This wood is easy to use with various styles and finishes. Moreover, it boasts a smooth and uniform appearance. It also exhibits resilience and sturdiness besides its great ease of staining and painting.


Oak is "king" when it comes to cabinet woods. It features distinct grain patterns, and it comes in various colors such as white and red. Additionally, it is a very economical material to use in cabinetry and offers you the option of either finishing it naturally or using honey. Its strength and durability cannot be debated given that it has been in use for countless generations. In addition, it accepts stain easily.


Alder is also another popular material you can bank on when you decide to incorporate nature into your cabinet design. The wood evokes and creates a rustic and conservative décor aura in your home. It is one of the wood options you can utilize to make a strong classic style statement in your house.


This wood comes with an excellently smooth surface that allows for easy staining and painting. It is another wood material that you can use to evoke and create a conservative and "old school" appeal in our house. Additionally, it is strong and working with it is easy.


This wood is another excellent choice you can incorporate into your cabinet construction project. It comes with a smooth surface and offers you a broad variety of colors such as white and brown. Moreover, its smooth nature makes staining work easy.


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