Cutting Directly on the Benchtop and Other Advantages of Wooden Benchtops

Posted on: 22 August 2016

In addition to looking fabulous, wood benchtops are the only type of benchtop you can cut and chop on without risking damage to the material. If you like to do a lot of chopping and cutting while cooking, you may love these benchtops. Here's a look at the advantages before you start shopping:

1. No need to store cutting boards

Cutting boards can be large and awkward. They take up storage space, and when they are out, they can distract from the natural beauty of your benchtops. Luckily, if you opt for a wooden benchtop in your kitchen, you can get rid of all your chopping boards and use the storage space for something new.

2. No worries about accidental damage

Because these benchtops are made for cutting, they don't flirt with accidental damage. For example, if you have a teenager who always forgets to grab the cutting board when chopping up an apple for a snack, he or she is likely to leave little chopping marks in laminate benchtops and even damage the knife if cutting on granite or other hard surfaces. With wood benchtops, you don't have to worry about issues like that.

3. Easy to take care of naturally

When you have a wood benchtop, you don't have to take a lot of steps to take care of it. Ideally, the wood should be sealed. That protects it from water damage, stains from food and similar issues. However, if you like, you don't need to use a chemical-based sealant. Instead, you can simply use a mineral oil. Just gently apply the oil when the wood starts to look knackered.

4. No extra risk of bacteria

One of the reasons some people are reluctant to turn to wood benchtops even if they really want to be able to cut directly on the benchtop is because they are afraid of germs. However, research shows that this fear is unfounded. In one study, 99.9 percent of bacteria placed on wooden cutting boards was dead within three minutes. Plastic, in contrast, did not fare so well.

5. Ability to echo floors

When you opt for wood benchtops, the benefits aren't just functional. They are also aesthetic. In particular, your wooden benchtops can echo the wood floor in your kitchen or create continuity between the kitchen and the wood accents in other rooms of your home. Additionally, you have a lot of creative leeway on the type of wood you select.



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