Five Ways To Make Your Kitchen Splashback Utterly Unique

Posted on: 28 July 2016

A kitchen splashback doesn't exist only to be a wipe-clean way to protect your walls: It's also a wonderful focal point for the heart of your home, and when used effectively it can instantly draw the eye of any visitor. If you're bored of the sheets of mosaic tiles everyone seems to have up in their kitchens, here are some ideas for a splashback you'll love for years to come.

  1. Use glass to laminate fabric for a truly stunning effect. There's no end to the number of gorgeous fabrics out there, and a trip to your local fabric shop is bound to result in finding something you love. By mounting it to your wall and covering it with a pane of glass cut to size, you can create a truly unique kitchen splashback that nobody else will ever have--and the options for matching colours, patterns and styles are almost endless.  
  2. Make it functional with a tin of chalkboard paint.  Chalkboard paint has many uses, and it's particularly versatile in a kitchen. You can use your endlessly customisable splashback for shopping lists, recipes and meal ideas, as well as to let your children unleash their creativity or to create works of art that are all your own. When you feel like it's time for a change, just wipe it clean and start again!  
  3. Mix-and-match bargain bin tiles for a look nobody else can replicate.  Antiques fairs, junk shops and hardware stores all often have 'bargain bins' for mismatched or broken tiles.By keeping an eye out for ones you love, you can create a mix and match selection that can be grouted in together for a truly unique mosaic. Go all out with a total mix of designs, or take a little more time to find tiles that all follow a general theme in their texture, style or colour.  
  4. Use a custom-cut mirror to maximise your space. Rather than tiling your splashback space, find somewhere that will cut a mirror to size and mount that along your kitchen wall instead. It'll make the room look much larger, and give you an eye-catching perspective on your kitchen. If you don't want the fully mirrored look, try using a textured or frosted mirror--it'll still catch the eye and create light, and there are many possibilities to create the look you want.  
  5. Decoupage your walls with anything your heart desires. Using decoupage materials and wallpaper-hanging techniques, you can cover your walls in almost any kind of paper. Maps, book pages, decorative wrapping paper and posters all work well, but you could also consider using memorabilia; tickets and playbills for things you particularly enjoyed, or family photographs. To protect you work of art once it's done, you can laminate it behind glass or use a clear durable varnish to coat the whole thing over.

Remodeling a Holiday Home to a Permanent Home

Hi, my name is Katrina, and for years, I was lucky enough to have a summer home. A few years ago, I quit my job and started to work from home. As a result, I had a lot more flexibility over where I could live, and I decided to move permanently to my summer home. However, it wasn't quite big enough to suit my everyday needs. Because of that, I hired a remodeling contractor. He added an extension, split a large upstairs room into a bedroom and an office and helped boost our insulation. If you want tips on turning a holiday home into a permanent home through remodeling, you have come to the right place. Thanks for reading. I hope these tips help.