How To Choose The Right Stone Bench Top For Your Kitchen Remodelling Project

Posted on: 4 December 2015

Stone bench tops are a popular choice for people who are remodelling their kitchen. It's not hard to see why; stone bench tops are solid, hardy, and timelessly elegant. However, with the huge variety of materials and colours available on today's market, it can sometimes be difficult choosing which stone bench top will be the right one for your kitchen. Here is a guide to help you make your decision.

Natural or reconstituted stone?

The first big choice you'll need to make is whether to choose natural stone or reconstituted stone for your bench top.

Natural stone bench tops are made from a single piece of naturally occurring stone, such as marble or granite. They look beautiful and can increase the value of your home. They are also the more expensive option, so may not be within your budget.

Reconstituted stone bench tops are a composite material comprised of small pieces of natural stone, powdered stone, and bonding agents. Often, aggregates such as pebbles, glass, or shells can be added to the mix to create a more attractive finish. These elements create a durable and attractive finished product.

Which colour?

There is an enormous array of colour choices available for stone bench tops. This is especially true of reconstituted stone, which can have pigment added to the composite mix to create bright and modern bench tops. Natural stone colours are generally more muted and neutral than the reconstituted style, but the variety is still substantial and ranges from pristine white through to jet black.

Choosing a colour is largely dependent on your personal taste and what will work well with the other elements of your kitchen remodelling. It's worth taking a look at several kitchen showrooms to get a better idea of which materials complement each other.

Showrooms also offer an opportunity to see the stone products in large pieces. It's sometimes difficult to accurately imagine what your bench top will look like from a small sample, and you may find that your favourite samples look less appealing when viewed on a larger scale.

Which profile?

The profile of a bench top refers to the shape and size of your bench top. Things to consider are how large you would like it to be and whether you'd like the bench to be flush with your cabinets or have a slight overhang. You can also add different heights to the profile to accommodate breakfast bars or serving platforms.

The other thing to consider is whether you want a square or rounded edge to your bench top. Square edges look sleek and modern and are very popular for use in kitchen design. However, the square edge is sharp and unforgiving, which may make a rounded profile a better choice if you have young children who are likely to bang their heads on the bench edges.

Whichever style of stone bench top you choose, you're sure to end up with a beautiful and stylish addition to your home. Stone bench tops will also stand the test of time and will function perfectly more many years to come.


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